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In 2023, Hotel Kranjska Gora will join more environmentally responsible behavior. With that reason in mind, we joined the Green key program.

Green key is the leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the tourism industry. This prestigious sustainability mark signifies our company's commitment to comply with the strict criteria set by the International Foundation for Environmental Education FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) in the plant.

The Green Key sustainable sign allows all guests to directly contribute to the protection of the environment by choosing our certified tourist establishment.

Factories - bearers of this sign maintain high environmental standards, which we prove with the help of strict documentation and frequent inspections. The Green Key program places great emphasis on informing and involving visitors in sustainable and more environmentally friendly measures that we implement in our facilities. It ensures that plant staff are well informed and properly trained in environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, raising awareness and changing attitudes towards the environment.

The goal of the Green Key is to increase the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable ways of doing business and consequently reduce the sharing of resources, raise awareness and change the behavior patterns of all stakeholders in our plant.

By obtaining the Green Key sign, HOTEL KRANJSKA GORA also fulfilled the conditions for obtaining the Slovenia Green Accommodation sign and thereby obtained a ticket for inclusion in the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism.


Sustainable mobility

You use alternative forms of transport such as public transport or cycling.

You can get more information about bicycle rental options and public transport schedules at the hotel reception or at the Tourist Information Center Kranjska Gora, Kolodvorska ulica 1c, 4280 Kranjska Gora

Nature protection

Nature is a priceless commodity. The need for its preservation and preservation of natural resources is nowadays the basis for the creation and development of a sustainable society.

Follow the following links/click on the icons for nature visit options

Protection of cultural heritage

Find out much more at the following links:

- Sights - Visit Kranjska Gora

- for the curious: Institute for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Slovenia:

Your actions count!

Save water when showering, shaving and brushing your teeth. Pay attention to the possible draining of water from taps, showers or toilets. Our tap water is drinkable!

Save energy by using warm or hot water as little as possible, turn off the lights, close the shutters when leaving, and thus ensure a lower air temperature in the room and less use of air conditioners.

Separate waste, or better yet, you create as few of them as possible. Use a reusable bottle, order food only as much as you will eat or ask for it to be wrapped for you, avoid using single-use products.

Eat and shop locally to help reduce your carbon footprint.